Thursday, April 29, 2010

May Day

Our May Day Cone - We collected flowers from the neighbourhood

May Day. I keep missing this celebration. Each Year after the fact I see posts on other blogs. This year we will do it. Not that we need much of an excuse to party around here, but May Day  seems a fun thing to celebrate.  Since our heritage is English we can actually have a reason to do this one :

I remember doing May Pole dancing when I was a kid. (you know before the 'other type' of pole dancing became the 'in' thing.) but haven't seen anyone do it in years. Used to see it at school fete's and what not. You can make your own for kids using a broom, or tree branch.  Just find a way to make it stand up (using a bucket with a hole or bricks or heavy weight to keep it down.) Attach streamers to the top. Dance around.

In Parts of America you leave baskets of flowers or treats at friends and neighbours house
In Hawaii May Day is called Lei Day and you give Lei's
In France you give a Sprig of Lilly of the Valley to girls.

Some May Day Crafts from around the web, that we might do on Saturday.

Family Crafts - Cardboard flowers with chocolate centres
Skip to my Lou - Cone flower ding and dash
How stuff works - Leaf and flower headband
How stuff works - Paper Lei
Kaboose - Paper Plate flower basket
Enchanted Learning - Paper plate flower crown
Family Crafts - Cardboard Tube MayPole

I even explained to the kids why there was no school on Monday. They were very interested in the fact that workers don't get as many holidays as kids do :) We talked about Worker rights and they asked lots of questions. Too cute.

I think we shall celebrate May Day on Saturday with a nice dinner. The workers in this family need some more perks. Not that they work very hard. I think they have the best workers rights in the world. Their boss on the other hand - She definately needs a shorter work week ;)

Funny how a spring festival and a workers right demonstrations have fused together? And it's not even Spring here!   Happy May Day!!

Our awesome homemade maypole :)

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