Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fabric Flowers Tutorial

I love it when I find Crafty things to make that are SUPER EASY!

This one was free, and took only minutes!

The Mr was out so I  was all alone on Friday Night surfing the net. Came across this tutorial from All Things Thrifty and thought I could do this RIGHT NOW! So I apologise for the dark photos taken in front of my computer late at night.

How to Make Fabric Flowers.

A small strip of organza /poly satin/ cheap material that has a shine to it.

Candle or lighter.

Cut varying sizes of circles from material. About 5 circles should be enough.

Run each circle around slowly above a flame. (I burnt a few by getting to close) About 5-6 cm above flame is good height. It takes about 5 seconds or so for the fabric to shrink and curl. Move circle slowly around waiting as it shrinks.

Place circles on top of each other from biggest to smallest. Secure them all with thread. I used a button for the middle and sewed through that to secure all layers.

Add a pin for a broach or a hairclip for a hair flower.

I have only made 2 (I only have scrap white poly satin) but I  see many more flowers in my future now I know how easy and cheap it is to make these.

Happy Flower Making.


Maioha said...

This is great! I'm going to try it too.

SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said...

Craft and sewing scare me...I could just see me stuffing it up lol, maybe that comes from having a Grandma who's a dressmaker and a perfectionist mother...hmmmm ;)...did you cut the circles free hand....??

lissyal said...

LOVE THIS ! Definitely stealing this one

Kylz said...

oh love this! i'm going to make some for Kaylah. :-)

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