Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's called Baby Brain

 Yep I say Blame it on the Baby (and older siblings too)
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I like to blog Monday to Friday.  Five things a week. Like it's a job or something. Ha

I'm  not always perfect, but I try.

I have a zillion things flying around my brain. I'll chuckle and think - That'll be good to blog.

Then just as fast as it came, it's gone again.

zip... gone.

I'm sitting here and the life of me can't remember what I was going to blog. Something about Katy Perry's California Girls, something about a great attribute of The Mr, something about ideas to keep the kids busy during the holidays, something about Miss N and her 'getting 10 teeth at once - means no sleepy for weeks' problem, not to mention the funny crazy things the other girls have done/will do this week.

Any way

It was something along the lines of - Changing unsuitable lyrics in catchy songs I like  - to more suitable ones for the overall population.

Like a  bleeper machine, and then a talkover of me saying what I'd fill the gap in with.

Take California Girls by Katy Perry.

No 'daisy dukes and bikinni's on top'
It would be:  summer dress, Hat on top

No 'Sippin' Gin and juice'
But 'Sippin' Pineapple Juice'

No 'sex on the beach'
It'd be 'Long walks on the beach'

Same with Kid Rocks All Summer Long

No sipping whisky out the bottle, no sex by the lake and no smoking funny things


While we were trying different things
And we were saying funny things
Dancing by the lake to our favorite song
Sipping Maison out the bottle, not thinking 'bout tomorrow
Singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long
Singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long

I absolutely hate that addictive upbeat songs usually have terrible messages. I sing them and feel terrible, even worse if the kids are found singing it! But we all know thats  satan's plan to undermine family and respectable behaviour. But it makes me sad. I love a good catchy beaty song!! Damn you! why must you be so catchy!!

So I'm sure I'll be making lots of money if I can just figure out a way to sell pop music with my more suitable lyrics inserted. You know you want to hear me! on every immoral catchy pop tune ever made.

A Uniform for my day job?


Possible Gang sign?


SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said... the "blog" T-shirts...I want one! :)

In 5 hours time my final exam for the semester will be over....I'm just sayin ;)

Christie said...

LOL- my girls love the song beautiful girls and i make them sing 'so excited' instead of suicidal! i hated them even talking about suicide over a boyfriend or girlfriend. i think teaching them to change the words is cool. Way cooler than singing the garbage. That being said, I did find 9many years ago) my then 3 year old singing a song called 'smack that' to her friend and only then did it hit me what the song was saying! That was really embarrassing! :)

Desi said...

hahaha! I loved the changes to the lyrics! That's why I really like the Kids Bop CDs, because they change the lyrics to be more suitable for kids. Like the "Beautiful Girls" song that Christie mentioned, they change the "suicidal" to "in denial." You should try them out!

heather said...

I'm with you on the catchy music with bad messages. They're really frustrating 'cause they just drill into your head & stay there.

The blog T-shirts are funny.

Felicity said...

this made me laugh cause I have serious baby brain too :) Chad thinks I don't listen to him but it's really just that I can't remember anything hahaha!

And I hear you about the music - I'm an fitness/aerobics instructor (obviously not currently teaching ;) and it makes me SO mad that on most of the CD's I buy for classes there is AT LEAST a third that I can't/don't use because the lyrics are SO inappropriate or suggestive! I'll keep an eye out for your edited pop music :)

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