Monday, June 21, 2010

Photos and leaves

There are very few deciduous trees in the part of the world  I live in. However we have one and so does the business next door. Whenever I see autumn photos of people rolling in leaves it makes me so jealous!

Well the weekend was warm, so we went out to get some of our own. Alas not all the kids wanted to roll in the leaves. And the leaves are only brown and yellow, not those gorgeous red and orange type. And the kids wouldn't dress up nice.. Oh well... You take what you can get!

I think the girls have all inherited my feet! And it wasnt cold at all. The girls wanted me to wear their fluffy hat Grandma knitted for them. Gorgeous isnt it? And gah that tutu... will have to make its way to the bin! She'll wear it anywhere and everywhere! Makes for cute photos though.


Christy Franklin said...

My friend makes Tutu's.. and they are divine!! Maybe a Christmas gift? Check out my "3rd quarter" photo album on Facebook.. Brooklyn is wearing one I had made by my friend.

The Swann Family said...

Hahaha! That was really lame. ;) Trust Gabs to be the one to get dirty! x

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