Tuesday, August 10, 2010


An Ekka Tale

One brave mum and grandmother went to the fair.

That's us in the middle yellow pod, and on the slides

We ran the gauntlet of carnies early in the morning. This meant there were fewer people for them to harass.This also meant that we were yelled at and constantly enticed until we left Sideshow alley

Come on ladies have a go
Have a trial for free
Hey kiddies come over here
Ahh nowwww ladies, come on have a go
Every ones a winner
Free Go
Come on now

And the list goes on and on.

Watch out for Carnies.... steal your soul they will.

A bucket of fairy floss. We even had some for breakfast the next day

This is also a tale of eating entirely too much food, yet I wanted more.

How can I go past organic doughnuts, camembert  cheese, strawberries, dagwood dogs, corn on a stick, Strawberry Sundae icecream cones, fairy floss. I can't. Plus I only eat dagwood dogs once a year. I was almost going to go back for a second one. It was devine.

And of baby animals. Most loved thing at the Ekka. We even got to hold a newborn lamb with the umbilical cord still attached! It was sooo cute!

Baa Baa Black sheep, A baby chick and a Llama

And showbags got. This is a tale of Dora bags and Bubblegum bags. Though I will give credit where credit is due. Last time the girls didnt even get any bags. After strolling bag isle after bag isle they finally relented to one bag each)

We sit and watch monster trucks (All the way from.... SALT LAKE CITY! lol lol)

We have a discussion on you know you're bogan if you have more respect for the crusty demon's motorbike tricks more than you do for the Penelope Wensley - Governor of Queensland . Definately not The Mr - he has a love for pomp and ceremony and royalty ;) and is most respectful. It was someone who will remain anonymous.

And watch fireworks. It was during that 15 mins of fireworks, when all children were silent looking up to the sky that I thought it was worth it. Not a whinge or whine or toilet break or food needed. 15 minutes of pure joy. I looked to my left and saw my family in a line heads raised in excitement and anticipation.

Most used items got from the Ekka? A kite and Lightsabers.

Ekka - Adieu for another year.... Thank goodness.

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