Wednesday, August 4, 2010



Before I had kids I thought all babies would just love to be loved.

Like I love hugging babies. And I wrongly thought babies liked being hugged too.

So if I wanted to lay in bed, all I had to do was hug the baby and it would want it too.

If I want to watch tv all I had to do was hug the baby and it would too.

If I want to sit in church, all I had to do was hug the baby and it would too.

Or like today..

If I was waiting at the doctors all I had to do was hug and give affection
and the baby would want to sit and do that too.

Apart from newborns (who mostly like to be hugged) I was terribly terribly wrong.

Once they can crawl they are:

 wiggly, jiggly, bouncing, back arching gymnasts who NEVER stay still.

Why would you EVER want to lay in bed according to the baby?

What's wrong with wanting to crawl all over the floor in the Doctors?  *shudder*

Life at the moment is like trying to Hog Tie a pig.


lissyal said...

I'm giggling ALOT

abbie said...

I am in the same place. My seven month old is SO active right now and wants nothing to do with me unless she is hungry or wants to go to bed!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I FINALLY found some time to sit and check out your blog. You do such fun things with your girlies. They are lucky to have such a cool mama! Missed you guys at mothers group. And kids at the doctor's is the worst! Everyone okay? Let us know if you need anything. Take care. ~ Jody

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