Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fathers are Awesome

Fathers are awesome

Being a father is not at all like being a mother, but I cook, I clean, I read to the kids, I play their games and put them to bed just as their mother does, so I can see where the mistake is made.

Being a father is not at all like being a brother or a cousin, but I climb on the roof, I ride my bike with them, we fly kites in the park and I terrify other kids who want to pick on them, just as a brother or cousin would do, so I can see where the mistake is made.

A father is a hero to his children. Their games are always about when daddy come home and saves the day. I’m always able to reach that toy stuck up high, or undo some lid or open some box. I’m the go-to-guy for that stuff and that makes me the hero, and everyone needs a hero.

 A father is a genius to his children. I know all the right answers to everything. I know the way to some strange place where the children have never been and I never get lost. I know the names of people and places, and every song on the radio or about each television show. I’m the one who has all the answers to the very strangest questions.

A father can fix anything. I am Mr Fixit around here and know nothing is truly broken when it can be repaired with sticky tape, glue, paper clips, half a roll of aluminium foil and a generous lump of hot wax. Along with fixing is building, the new bike, the train set, the kite, the shed or anything with instructions.
“Wait til daddy comes home”..... cause I can fix anything.

“So what I told you was true, from a certain point of view.”
– Obi-wan Kenobi, Star Wars Episode IV: Return of the Jedi.

When I was a child these were the very things my dad meant to me. I’ve learnt that a father is more than just a person who hangs out with mum or who goes and returns from work each day. My father taught me that dads are useful, they know stuff and they can do stuff. He taught me to care about the world around me and showed me how to put things in perspective. He worked hard and thus encouraged the same. He set goals and planned events and presided over our family.

I heard once that nowhere is higher than on dads shoulders. The hardest thing about being a dad is living up to the expectation of my children, but being a father is awesome.

Here’s some fun dad thoughts. Dad or Bust

Todays Post was bought to you by The Mr. 
He is to be found blogging Randomly over at Random Thoughts
He is the father of four girls and husband to a wonderful wife - ME!
He is also known to climb roofs, fix anything, personal I.T. man.
Will serve anyone at anytime and is often found out doing these things.
We love it the most when he comes home to us.

Allround Hero.


Anonymous said...

Awwe, sweet. Lisa

SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said...

Yay...Ken!! Dads are so important.... your girls are super lucky/blessed to have such an awesome one! :)

Anonymous said...

So great to hear about the dad's perspective! Thanks for sharing.

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