Thursday, September 16, 2010

I thought I said Never, Time to eat my words

Pretty sure that I said we would never have any pets.


I hate animals. And already have 4 to clean up after.

So why do I have two baby chickens living in my house?

It's because I said 'maybe' when asked if we could bring the school's hatching egg chickens home.
I said maybe we would grab some for Grandma or for the neighbour who both keep chickens, as they are FREE

So why the next day do I greet my daughter after school who is squeeling:

We get to take chickens home.
They have to come home TODAY.
The chickens go back to the farm at 6pm
I have a box to put them in.
We have to GO NOW and pick some
Before they are all gone... HURRY...

So suddenly with 2 mins notice we are proud parents of two baby chicks. (oh help me please)

Meet Midnight and Snow.

I think they almost froze to death the first night when we realised (the next morning)  the Ikea lamp we were heating them under was a safety bulb and was emitting NO HEAT.

We borrowed a lamp from a neighbour and set them up in their little home we fashioned out of a broken guinea pig cage we picked up off the side of the road.

They are now 3 weeks old and lost their feathers. They have survived the extra squeezing 'love' that cute baby chicks get from the girls, neighbours, show and tell, random kids. They are sturdy and strong and growing.

I just spent half an hour chasing the little yellow one around the back yard, trying to get it back in the cage. I will die if left out ( we have several cats who come thru our yard, not to mention possums. big chickens etc)

Fast little thing it is.

Which reminds me why I hate don't like animals.

Off to the neighbours they go as soon as they are big enough.

What little chicks do you know get a vase of flowers to 'brighten up their room' ~ Lucky things.

Note they are no longer in the house and I am happy that the smell is gone and that they are now outside in nature in their cage :) They might be growing on me. I even hid them for our rent inspection. I check on them everynight before bed. It has taught the girls a 'little' responsibility, but this has reminded me (though I already knew - The mother ends up looking after the animals)

What animal shall we torture next? Guinea Pig?

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