Friday, October 1, 2010

All for One, One for all.

the girls plus neighbour

The lastest craze here is Musketeers.

Apparently the girls watched Barbie Three Musketeers at the neighbours.

The last few days has been all 'En Garde' and 'All for one and one for all'

They made their own masks out of paper. When I was at the shop we found these masks.

Then I remembered these newspaper swords  found at Filth Wizardry.

Next thing I'm a sword making factory! The girls decorated the circular parts.

Theres been lots of jousting and forward lunging. Crosses drawn on the ground.

Lucky it's just newspaper.

And if you're getting bored of craft posts... rest assured.... the holidays are OVER!!
(happy dance! - not really we had a fantastic holidays despite the rain and not accomplishing half the things we wanted to do, I'll be a little ( I said little) sad to let them go back to school.)

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