Monday, October 25, 2010


It was winter.

A friend and I were running from the warm car down a street to a party.

She was only wearing a knee length skirt and was chattering because she was so cold.

Why are you only wearing a skirt then? I ask.

It's my goal.

Its your goal?

Yes. I will only wear skirts or dresses.

Ummm thats great but why?

Because its more feminine. It's been a long process but essentially remember Sister Nadauld (I think) a few years ago said "we have enough tough women of the world - we need women who are soft". I am an independent, strong willed, opininated woman and ultimately wearing a dress/skirt assists me in behaving more feminine.Femininity is cultivating the nature that a woman is born with and when a woman is feminine she is her most effective. I want to be at my most effective.

Ok. Your brave I say. I'd never do it. ( I do love me some jeans and shorts)

But your married she said. I am not. There you go. Another reason.

hhmmmm *thinking* I must admit  the Mr does prefer me in dresses/skirts. *wink wink*

There you go. Just proved my point she said.

When you're pregnant and can only wear stretchy dresses, you can't wait to be rid of them.

If I ever see that black/floral/knit/insert stretchy dress description  again it will be too soon!

Oh and then you breastfeed for 14 months and think... If I ever have to wear a feeding friendly shirt again.. it will be too soon.

Anyway all this to say I'm embracing the dress.

I'm collecting enough dresses so I can wear them on a daily basis.

Nothing in my way now!

All inspiration from a deep thinking friend. A friend who went all winter in a skirt!

and of course, the Mr won't mind at all ;)

and yes. I've even ridden the bike twice in a dress this week!  Don't worry no flashing. Bike pants under :)


Joanna said...

I love that idea! Of course, wearing skirts in Winter in QLD is hardly roughing it :P!! I would love to wear dresses every day for all of your friend's reasons except for one thing that can be summed up in one word..."chaffing" lol!!

Montserrat said...

I've been doing the same thing! Well, for the most part. There are just some things that are way to dangerous to do while wearing a skirt here on the farm. :D

Just ME said...

Yes, femininity is a wonderful thing. But there's nothing wrong with a good pair of shorts - especially at the park and when sitting cross-legged. I wish some mums would remember this when they bring their daughters to storytime. Or at least wear some leggings underneath!

likeschocolate said...

I don't know if you have ever seen that show out of England with the two ladies Trini and Susanne. They like to see woman in skirts or dresses. They say they are more flattering. Though I am with you, I barely make it out of my yoga pants.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie,
I also love your pearls - they seem very feminine and dressed up!

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