Thursday, December 30, 2010

Family Building


This harness will fit me?  Yes it will.

You learn things you know

about your kids

when you put them in difficult situations

We did a bit of  'team family building' as I liked to call it.

We decided to take all the kids indoor rockclimbing.

Yes Poor N was strapped to the pram the entire time.

It's always eyeopening to see how they handle different situations.

who is scared, brave, afraid, willing to try, won't listen to instruction no matter how much you tell them or how many ways you 'rephrase' what they should do, who trusts, who doesn't have the trust or faith in their abilities (the saddest thing)  I suppose that's why these type of activities are GOOD for you.

I saw:

trust in ones abilities.

Ready to climb sideways inside 'the chimney'

legs stretchrf far apart 'ala Angelina Jolie or some other action flick chick

elation in being able to repeatedly reach the top.

I also saw:



sweaty hands

frozen stuck in place, not being able to move regardless of whatever 'advice' I gave

Sadness/upset at her lack of  not being able to do something easily.


I saw repeatedly trying something even though it scared her

And I saw her get further up the wall with each try.

She never made it all the way to the top but each time she got better and further.

Isn't that all we can ask in life?

Such a great teaching moment.

For me.

Now I've really got to try some new things that push my boudaries.

we climbed here.

To get your money's worth climb for a few hours, then take a break for lunch or go home for a nap like we did (what? belaying tuckered me OUT!) then head back again for another session. They allow pass outs. Adults are free if they are just belaying their kids.

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