Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ice Wreath

Oh I'm running out of time.

No, I'm not stressed about Christmas stuff - I'm done in that department.

Just about sharing all our christmas stuff here.

Home made toys the girls made each other. Our yearly christmas video. Christmas crafts

I saw this Ice Wreath a few weeks ago and was supremely jealous. SO gorgeous. Or how about these ones? Just so simple and so beautiful.

Unfortunately  there's the little problem with the whole two hemispheres thing. I'll bookmark ideas for 6 months time only to forget them. boooooo. Oh and the fact that where I live IT NEVER SNOWS.

This morning I thought who cares if the wreath melts in half an hour. It's a FREE and FUN activity.

I also thought an ICE WREATH would be a perfect gift for summer solstice.

Longest day of the year? Here have some ice.

Also today was cool and overcast. Perfect for our ice wreath.

If it gets too hot we could always try and wear them as a necklace to keep cool like this

I made our wreath like this. Just using a short wide bowl. I placed a container in the middle with some heavy glasses in it to keep it anchored. Pour water till desired height. We filled with leaves, flowers and some old rasberry's.

Freeze for a couple of hours. Use warm water to dislodge and hang with ribbon.

Enjoy your brief living wreath. Collect the melted things and do it again.


Just ME said...

Very cool Bobbie! It looks gorgeous.

Joanna said...

I am totally doing this, like TODAY! Of course it's so cold here that I could have it hanging outside until March and it wouldn't melt!! Sad isn't it?!!

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