Friday, December 24, 2010

It will be enough.

Last night as I was wrapping presents I looked at the stash I've had on layby for the last few months for the first time and thought it was pretty dismal. No big toys or big ticket items (except for zhu zhu pets which they really want)

I started to worry that it wasn't enough and should I hit the shops today and buy more?

This year I didn't get books like usual, I didn't get them new clothes, and I didn't get school supplies ( being the sneaky mum that I am I pass off new school bags and lunchboxes as christmas gifts ;) I didn't get outdoorsy games things or sports gear and we have yet to move our children into the computer game phase so no Wii's or gameboys or the like.

oh the list goes on and on of what I didn't get.

Then I told myself they have enough.

They will get a bunch of gifts from grandparents and great grandparents. They have enough!

Christmas is about the WHOLE month of December. If you were to ask the girls they would tell you this is a common phrase said in this house. I tell my kids all the time. This is why traditions are important to me.

I remember a year when I was around 12 (or 14 can't remember) where I cried in my room because I wasn't happy enough with my gifts and felt that Christmas was very anti climatic. " I've waited all year for this?"  I never want my kids to feel that way which is why I do so many things the month of December and declaring the whole month Christmas and spend the time building up traditions rather than just the eager waiting for "THE DAY OF ALL DAYS"

Oddly enough I also remember berating myself that day thinking stop crying, its so embarrassing. You are being ungrateful. You're grown now so you can't expect Christmas to still have that magic. I felt guilty for thinking badly of my parents. I felt bad for being ungrateful. I even thought of chidren around the world who had nothing!

I've often found Christmas day to be a let down anticlimatic ending for the season and I have been working on reversing that feeling. Instead to see it as a day to relax, enjoy being with family and allow the season to wind down (or for the summer season to start up). Time just to be.

I really hope to impart that to the girls. And that yes they do have enough.

Strangely it was Santa who reassured me.

When asked what they wanted for Christmas the girls couldn't think of anything.  Even after he extensively probed for a while they were able to come up with very simple things (this has happened twice now)

He said I will bring you a surprise.

Then he said to me what wonderful girls they were and how he has met many a demanding one

And my heart soared when I realised I am doing the right thing.

This morning I read this post at Crazyland which made me organise these thoughts that were running around my head.

May your season be full. And may your gifts be enough.

It will be enough.

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Karyn Clark said...

Happy Christmas Bobbie. My 13yr old was struggling with lost Christmas magic and I remember the same age too. Nothing compares to when your 8 or 9, old enough to really believe. He set about trying to create that magic he used to feel for all the little cousins. It's a lovely transition, although tinged with a little sadness, to see your child move from receiver to giver. Have a wonderful day, with lots of JOY JOY JOY!

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