Tuesday, December 28, 2010

To shop or not to shop.

'Cause what I need after all this - is more shopping!

Each year around this time I fall into a black hole.

Christmas is done, The Mr is home, the year slowly winding down.

Each day feels the same as the last. Like every day is a Saturday or a Sunday.

It feels weird.

We either sit at home or take a few little trips sightseeing or visiting friends.

I have never once in my life been to Boxing day sales (or the week of)

A few weeks ago I thought, this year I'm gonna do it!

And ya know what? I only checked the calendar the week before and dah! found that Boxing day was a Sunday!

(To those who don't know in an effort to keep the sabbath day holy I have never shopped on a Sunday ever)

So maybe today I might finally hit some sales. Or tomorrow. Only four days late.

But then I reason do I have money to waste? Not usually.

The Mr is a firm believer that major holidays should have enforced holidays for most workers. We often talk how only the most important services should be open. That sometimes society needs to be FORCED to have time off, to relax, to be with family and not worry about trying to earn extra cash.

That you DON'T NEED to go shopping the day after Christmas.

As my birthday is in January I usually hit the left over January sales to spend my birthday money.

I think another reason why I have never been post christmas shopping is when I was a kid the shops were closed. Mum used to get in enough food to last days after Christmas because you knew there was no way to buy more. In my head sometimes I still think the shops are closed like when I was a kid. (I also still think in my head that shops aren't open on Sundays like years ago)

Also for some reason - because we are all home together I feel that we need to be together. I actually have my husband home and it seems harder to leave the house? I feel in my head that I am going to have to take everyone with me and for some reason getting 6 people ready to leave the house seems like a mammoth task!! Not to mention I couldn't think of anything worse than taking kids to post christmas sales.

I know, I know I live in a delusional world.

So I'm hitting the shops.

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