Saturday, December 18, 2010


Filled with Homemade Mrs Fields White Choc Chip - 10 cookies in large jars, 5 in small jars.

Bout three years ago I booked marked this gorgeous idea . I started collecting our Milo tins for this very purpous.

Then I figured I'd never bake enough things to fill multiple milo tins!

What ever was I thinking?

The last year or so we have loved Bottled Cherries. I just couldn't part with those wide mouthed jars.

So they have been sitting in a cupboard while The Mr thinks what is she doing with them?

I also did a happy dance when I noticed Cream Cheese jars changed to short wide mouthed size too.

I knew they would come in handy for homemade jams, relish, holding lollies for gifts.

I find good jars so handy and so hard to part with, but keeping things like jars take up so much room!

Well now is the time to get rid of a few.

I was thinking a while back that these jars would be perfect for holding biscuits/cookies.

And it just so happens that I've been invited to a cookie exchange party today.

I'm so excited I think I'll do one next year.

I told my friend how one Christmas my family exchanged baked goods instead of presents at Christmas. Everyone goes home with a stash!

She thought it was such a good idea for our group of friends so we can sort of gift eachother something without the extra financial burden and organised a cookie/sweets exchange for us!

Hopefully I will also be making this today.

Hopefully I will be filling the other jars with sweet tomato relish and apricot jam this week.

To help sterilise jars before you fill them wash well and place in hot oven for 10 mins.

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Miss Cherry said...

Bobbie, you always have the cutest posts and ideas. This is such a good idea, and you're right, cheap. I might have to steel this for next year. =)

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