Thursday, January 27, 2011

Australia Day

Maybe because school only started two days before hand, or maybe I'd kinda forgotten about it but I had NOTHING planned for Australia day this year. That's just plain sacrilege!

So after a leisurely morning we:

Cleaned the house, mowed the lawn

Decorated faces and found patriotic clothes to wear

Went for a swim in the neighbours pool. Gotta love neighbours with a pool.

Made lamingtons and taught the missionaries how to (they are from england and africa)
it's an important skill to learn you know! Recipe here (but I cheated a little and bought a plain sponge cake to start)

Ate Lamb and apricot sausages and Kangaroo Steak !!
(How patriotic to eat the national animal on your national day )

Went to an awesome meat filled BBQ thrown by my sister

Burnt four packets of sparklers to end the day (no fireworks due to flooding here :(

Did you know if you burn a sparkler from the middle you get two burns? So fun!
And I love how sparklers look like dandylions....
And you will get a sore thumb from using a lighter to light four packets of sparklers...

Then end.

I was so tired I couldn't even blog it yesterday.

I won't talk about how certain girls wouldn't make the lamingtons, but wanted to eat them, certain baby who thought the  10 min nap in the car was bedtime then proceeded to scream for the next two hours all through our sparklers and destroying our fun, a kid that fell out of the car (while parked) and hit her head, kids that refuse to eat BBQ ( most of my girls) etc etc.

We'll just focus on the positive hey?

Cause thats what being an Australian is all about.

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