Monday, January 24, 2011

Back to School Traditions

Last night we held our annual  Back to School Dinner.

The theme for this year chosen by the girls:


(Yeah a bit cheesy and overdone, but cute nonetheless)

I love it when they get in the spirit of decorating and place setting (I can never guarentee that they will) They painted hearts, set the table, picked flowers, made posters and cooked the dessert. 

We set the table with fabric hearts and this printable and our fancy glasses. They got out their birthday crowns to finish the effect.

Roast Lamb
Baked Potatoes, carrots, onions
peas and corn

sparkling Lemon lime and bitters

Apple and Pear Crumble with Vanilla Bean Icecream

After dessert we headed into the lounge for each girl to receive a Father's Blessing from The Mr.  Such a nice, spiritual, cleansing way to start the school year. Then they all tucked themselves into bed because they 'needed their rest' for school the next day. One laid her uniform at the end of the bed and slept in her new socks so she would be ready to put her new school shoes on as soon as she woke!

Our little dinner party set the scene for the following morn. Ahh crisp new uniforms how I love thee.

Let's get the new year finally started. Back to order and routine.

I loved the holidays and will miss them. But its also nice to go back.

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