Monday, January 31, 2011


My favourite freebies of this week: These gorgeous old kids chairs, yet big enough for an adult to sit on
and a satin skirt. About 5 boxes of things have entered my house this week. Oh Oh....

On friday a lady I've never met or seen before was at my front door.

She had a plastic bag in her hands with something wrapped up inside.

She asked my daughter to speak to mummy.

She says hi and wonders if I might like what she had in her bag.

I'm sure I was looking at her a little weirdly,
(Look around lady... I have enough junk in this house, I don't need more!)

To be fair where we live is full of interesting people. We have the very rich, the very poor, immigrants and drug addicts - One night we had a lady at our door for an hour giving us a story about how she was here for Cancer treatment from far away and how her purse was stolen and how the hotel at the top of our street now had to kick her out because she had no money etc. My lovely husband with all his Bishop training set out to help her (without handing over money) when she realised we could find her food and a place to stay but NO money she left on the guise of going next door to bum a cigarette off our neighbours and simply vanished into thin air.

So the lady hands me over a jewellery stand that looks like this and says I don't want any money for it

ummmmm Okay....

She then proceeds to say that she was cleaning out her house, has no daughters, no need for much jewellery and wonders if my daughters and I would like it.

I have never seen this lady in my life so I had to embarrassingly ask where she lived.

Turns out in some government apartment complex at the top of my street.

Ahhhhh, so you've seen and heard my girls running around I say.

Yes she says.

(who could miss them/not hear them I think)

I thanked her for kindly thinking of us and she was gone.

And so yet again I am taught


Am I a good example? Am I treating my fellow beings with love and respect?

Am I a goodly woman personified?

And yet another piece of furniture I did not buy has entered my house. I sometimes wonder at why this happens to me. Do I look like I need other peoples cast offs? Yet sometimes I praise the Lord above for all those that give me things for free as they are, at times, much  needed blessings.

It's about finding a balance in being a reciever of other peoples things. Someone else has thought of me! Someone else has also thought I am an easy place to off load stuff to so they don't have to take it elsewhere. I have received beautiful pieces and furniture. I have also received rubbish. I wonder why do I attract this? (and can I please attract more awesomer stuff?? Not to be ungrateful or anything ;)

But in the day to day turn of the world I can be happy to be a receiver.

I can keep or throw away. I can be happy in the knowledge the Lord has blessed me to be a recipient of almost anything I have ever needed. I have tried to stay away from a consumer lifestyle where people and the environment are hurt by our whim purchases. I rarely ask for these things yet they make their way to me by both friend and stranger.

I have been blessed. And for that. I am Grateful.

Now I really need a rug and some fabric napkins/serviettes.... anyone?

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