Thursday, January 20, 2011


Imagine I am here swimming in that pool and jumping on that bed. 
And that I'm over here watching this.

That's what I would have been blogging about but due to the floods both these places are closed.

Here is what I did do tonight instead:

Have you heard of Steff And Gills Skills?

No? Well you should follow them.

"Guys only like Girls who have Great Skillz!! We are taking on a New Skill Each Week, we will let you know what they are, Just contact us if you want to come along. We will Rate and Video Tape and let you know what we liked or disliked."

And because Gill is my sister I'm gonna crash as many of these activities as I can.

After soap carving, and manual flood relief cleanup, rocking the wii,  rockclimbing was the go.

And we all know I'm a professional rock climber now.

So I showed my skillz.

What's next?

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