Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter Week - Easter Countdown Calendar

Since school holidays are starting on Friday I thought I would use this week to post all our Easter Ideas. Hopefully some of you find them useful!

Thought I would first start with and Easter Countdown calendar of sorts. This was our previous one  from a few years ago. I have a couple of ideas for some new easy kid made ones.

Firstly for this one we used water colour paint. 
Cut egg shapes out of card and paint, splatter, drip the water paint on.

Set aside to dry.

Now using the sewing machine (!!) sew your eggs together. Sewing through paper is very easy and it always gives me a thrill ?? Don't know why. I'm very strange.

Add as many eggs as you want to count down with. 7 days before Easter? 12 days?

Add a bow to the top .

On the back of the eggs write an Easter Activity for the family to do.


Dye Eggs
Egg Hunt
Bake Hot Cross Buns
Make an Easter Basket
Watch an Easter Movie
Grow wheat grass
Decorate biscuits (cookies) to look like eggs
Any Egg, Bunny, Chick craft

I plan to make a countdown for the week leading up to easter with some Religious activities to do each day.

Religious Examples.

Palm Sunday :
Make a Palm Cross , reenact Jesus on a donkey and people waving palm fronds.

Monday: (cleansing of the temple)
Talk about how church/temple should be a place of calm and worship and not a house of caos.
Make Soft Pretzels  (shaped like folded arms for prayer)

Tuesday: (teaching at the temple)
Jesus taught what is the greatest law. Love thy neighbour as they self.
Take a gift for your neighbours

Mary washed Jesus Feet and offered expensive oils/purfume.
Reenact with children and wash their feet (I find this very humbling and moving)

Thursday: Preparing for Passover
Read the story of the passover John 13:1-11 and make a simple passover meal.
Unleavened bread, lamb, horseradish, Haroset, Parsley and salt water  details here

Friday: The day Jesus Died
Make Hot cross buns and discuss Cruxifiction

Saturday: Festival of Light
Make lanterns, candle holders to symbolise those that wait for Jesus resurrection

Sunday: He is Risen
Hold family testimony meeting, attend church.

Enjoy counting down to Easter!


SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said...

Wow thanks for sharing - we have never done Easter 'activities' before....I think I will try some of these this year - Definitely, will make pretzels. :)

Carolyn Adams said...

I AM going to do this! Thanks for sharing :)

Carolyn Adams said...

So we just made those pretzels... they are sooooo good!! Thanks again!

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