Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Week - Suprise Eggs

I've been seeing variations of these eggs popping up everywhere. There is so many things you can do with an empty egg shell! Like a secret message contained inside found via Design Mom or a sweet suprise inside found via Say yes to Hoboken

I've decided that  'surprise eggs'  is much easier to say than Carscerones

This would have to be one of my girls most favourite Easter things.

There is just something 'oddly therapeutic' about smashing an egg over someones head.

We've been saving eggs for a few weeks now and I made some surprise eggs up to take photos of.

I asked the girls if they would be willing to smash a few so I could take photos.

OH YES PLEASE. They did not have to be asked twice.

Taking photos of egg smashing confetti - hard.

The hardest thing about these eggs is to REMEMBER to slice the top off the egg when using in cooking instead of 'cracking' the egg. This is the keep the eggshell in a more whole state.

Wash and clean eggs and leave to dry.

Fill eggs with confetti. We just chop magazines up into tiny tiny squares.
But it would look good with REAL confetti inside.

Smear a ring of glue around the edge of the egg. Attach tissue paper over the hole. You might want to do two or so layers. Trim the tissue paper when dry.

Place upside to help with the facade that they are real :)

Smash over friends heads. The best part!

and enjoy your confetti mess (why I do this outside:)

so pretty!


Jenni Austria Germany said...

i've always wanted to make these. now, at the age of 23, maybe i will.

Claire said...


I'm a French blogger and my subject is parties, children and adults.
I've linked your post when writting about cascarones.

Thnak you for this great idea.

Anonymous said...

May I use the last photo from this post on my blog? I'm using confetti as a metaphor for daily chaos and the image would be perfect. Thanks,

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