Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fleece Bunnies

The first craft item I have done for Easter this year are these adorable Plushie Bunnies by Dandelions and Lace . They are shaped after Peeps, a marshmallow available in the states (which we don't have here). As soon as I saw the pattern I made 3. 

I thought they would make good additions to the Easter baskets for the girls.

Except that they saw me make them.

And wanted them.

And then I though what good is a bunny on Easter? It's almost all over by then.

I'll probably sneek them into the baskets just because. G also ordered two more for her cousins for Easter Monday. She said we could find them in our Easter Egg Hunt. What a good idea. If only I could sew 20 of them :)

I love how mine ended up looking a little Totoro-ish. Dont ya think?
Anyway I think of Totoro every time I look at them. Or Miffy

They stand about 15 -20 cm tall. The first two steps were easy as. Whip it up in minutes. I had a little trouble with attaching the 'top' bunny to the rectangle side strip but it was still easy, it just made some of the bunnies a little skewiff in shape.

The blue one is my favourite.
I sometimes call them jail bunnies.
This polar fleece was the only fleece I had to use.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Awwww!!! They turned out so adorable! Thanks so much for sharing these, I love that yours have stripes!!

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