Friday, May 20, 2011

This week

It's been so long since I blogged I've almost forgotten how!

I had those previous posts all done awaiting posting.

I'm finding it increasingly hard to get to the computer and I've got writers block!

Me!! The girl who never shuts up, has nothing to say??!!

My early rising, terrible sleeping baby had me tired so no late night blogging
My kids think they all get 'a go' on the computer now, so someone is always on it.
The Mr's laptop died so now he thinks he get to use MY computer
Nothing interesting has been happening
My brain is fried

And that is my explanation! Hopefully I'll be back on track next week!

What we have been doing

::  The Mr fashioned an awesome bike rack for our bikes! (the garage is rejoicing in its cleanliness - what DO people with a large family do with all the bikes, trikes, scooters, prams etc - it drives me barmy. We have so much STUFF sitting around in the way in our tiny back yard) pic's to come!

:: Visits to the dentist and me worrying about getting my wisdom teeth out! yikes

:: Went to the museum, art gallery and state library for our Tuesday afternoon activity. The best joy was watching the girls squeal when they spotted daddy from far away as they ran along the bridge to meet him after work and spending time rolling down steep hills.

:: Shopping, Babysitting, Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable run

:: Trying new recipes with said copious amounts of fruit and veg (except the kids ate ALL the mandarines in ONE DAY! grrrr)

:: Super excited by two men that told me they read and enjoy my blog. I seriously thought no men other than The Mr and my brother read. For some reason that made me very happy (I suppose I assume the stuff I blog about doesn't really interest the opposite sex.)

:: A New pair of flat winter boots! (last season no cheap flat boots were to be found. Seriously what mum is going to go around sporting boots with  high heelson a daily basis! I'll kill myself chasing after the kids. My sister told me about some really cheap boots and I got me some (which *almost* fit in my I don't spend more than $10 on any item for myself, the kids or the house)

:: Looking forward to a quick cheap date with the Mr tonight. Where shall we go???

See you Next week with tales of what we did over the weekend - hopefully including date night, a trip to the Greek Festival and Bike Rack Awesomeness.

We are all still getting used to our haircuts. The amount of hair left on our friends living room floor was shocking. It looked like a huge hairy dead animal. I really need to do a haircutting course - with four girls hair is gonna be an issue here. Shame I can't give them #2 with the clippers like I do to daddy :)

Have a good weekend.

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