Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Late Night City

the things...  I'll do for a date..

Walk all the way to city with the Mr while he is on the phone the whole time (very necessary call)
But atleast I got to hold his hand and a parting kiss

Instead of going on a quiet date by myself  I end up being dragged around shopping by a friend who just happened to be in town
It was fun though. Thanks Tatjana. And I got to see an awesome view from a hotel.

(as someone who hasn't shopped in a long time I suddenly felt the need for that purfume from Forever New, that lipgloss from Sportsgirl, that cute mustard dress from Tempt, new shoes and the list goes on (I didnt buy them though).... why must you corrupt me so, retail therapy?)

Instead of my promised fancy expensive restaurant meal I end up eating at the only takeaway we could find open in the whole city on a quiet Tuesday night
But hey I saved a bunch of money

Spent half the night listening to jackhammers while I try to read and sleep on an extrememly hard couch
But got to experience the quiet that is an empty office building late at night and people watch all the people down below. I challenged myself just to sit and be and relax for the almost 5 hours I would be waiting.

Get home and to bed in the wee hours of the morning
But had such a sweet warm feeling as I sped home by cab at 1am looking at the twinkling lights zooming past thinking I LOVE MY CITY!!

Woke atleast 5 times when I am MEANT to be sleeping in
But I forced myself to lie there until 8:30am

But that's life and it was still fun.

I love spontaniety!

And I love grandma (who took the kids)

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