Monday, June 13, 2011

That Golden Glow

That Golden Glow.

There is truly nothing like it in the world in my opinion.

I make the effort to *really* watch the sunrise about twice a year.

It's not enough. I LOVE IT.

Last Year for the Queen's birthday we headed out to watch the sunrise. It's easier to catch the sunrise in Winter because it happens so late! Unlike Summer! Except that it's cold out there!

This time we bundled the kids in the car and headed out to our new hill. It's funny to me when the kids are super excited about driving around in the dark with little traffic. I realise to them it's a great adventure because they are never in the car that early in the morning. Their eager-eyes delight reminds me to continue to plan random outings for them because it truly is amazing and special to them. While I complain about the effort it takes their nervous energy about being in a new situation brings me back to remember the reason for it all - To give my girls daily wonderous experiences.

Rugged up in Doona's and sipping milo we watched the sunrise. At first we were dissapointed as our hill faces north-west - Not good for Sunrise watching! but eventually that golden burning ball got high enough for us to see it and enjoy it. YAY! It was almost a non event. We even saw a rainbow! At 6:30 in the morning! That's never happened to me before. So special.

So two years in row now.. will it become a tradition? See you next year Sunrise.. see you next year.

Earnestly watching the sunrise reminds me that *each day* is a gift. We are given the gift of starting over again. Isn't it special? Our life isn't one continual long day. Each day starts over and, that lifegiving, choicegiving golden glow awaits us each day. It truly is a testimony to me to enjoy and regroup and do better with each day that arrives.

*I'm sure The Mr is real glad he can't find his black beanie and will now be immortalized in the colourful clown beanie that belongs to the girls.

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