Friday, July 8, 2011


1. Sewn Confetti strands 2. Water bottles 3. Pinata
4. Photobooth props 5. Birthday Shirt 6. Photobooth Props
7. Cake Pops 8. Tiny Cake Bunting 9. Fairy Floss Loot Bags

I so do not like party stress. I really don't like it when at a party you spend all your time running around before during and after like a crazy chicken and do not get to enjoy, talk or just take a few minutes.

The party's over and you never got to interact with anyone.

Every time I do a party/gathering I swear the next time I'm gonna employ someone/find a friend to help out/find a neighbourhood teen to be a servant or something!

And every time I never do.


But one thing I do enjoy about parties is the little details I can do well before the day.
OH they make my heart sing!

To accomplish things slowly and surely without rush, makes me think that if I don't get to enjoy the actual party, I can enjoy something before hand.

I usually have a week/two week plan before Parties.

I like to make pinata's about a week before. I make bunting or decorations 5 days before. I bake the cake and freeze it (un-iced) 3 days before. That leaves the last day or night before for food prep.

I'm never stressed before a party, just during. Heres to preparation making it a little easier.

*I think I've found a new addiction. Using a 2 cm circle paper punch I punched out a bunch of circles then put them through the sewing machine. Voila - paper confetti strands. IT was so RELAXING and FUN. I want to make a bunch more! Very very cheap decoration idea and they look really cute!

*For the pinata this time I invested in a large 18 inch balloon from the party shop. This makes the pinata a lot bigger than using a regular balloon and it has a lot more impact. Worth the $1.60! Pinata's were $35 in the party store, I made mine for about $5.

*Free Printable Photo booth props from OH Happy Day  and thanks to Aunty Gilly for printing and cutting them all out. They look amazing and I can't wait to get some wacky photos.

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INVITEDbyRUKxo said...

It all looks fantastic! Can't wait to see more. Enjoy the party Xo

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