Monday, July 4, 2011


Last week we passed 1000 posts!!

Looks like I DO HAVE A LOT TO SAY!

I started this blog thinking the only people who would be reading were myself and my family.
Even I thought I would have run out of things to say by now!

To celebrate I really wanted to have a giveaway.

I wracked my brain thinking of something that people would want, that wouldn't be too heavy to send in the post.

I thought I should compile a few of my favourite things...
then I remembered I don't have any favourite things
The stress to pick a favourite DVD or chocolate bar or designer apron or purfume or shampoo was too much

I could compile some kids craft stuff..
but we make most of our stuff out of rubbish recyclables and tape and sticks

I could buy a gift card to the only store around here to shop at
(My mantra is ... If it can't be found at the Target.. It won't be bought) 
but then thought that was pretty lame

I thought I would scroll Etsy shops looking for the perfect vintage looking hairclip or earrings, or a cool word art poster, or, or, then I realised I've never bought anything online ever and don't really know how... and it wouldn't get here in time for this announcement..

I thought I could make something to giveaway
but thought even though I am a jack of all trades/crafts I am not really proficient in any of them to make something good enough to give to someone else...

hmmmm... I've been bummed about it all week

So this is a terribly anticlimatic post about how I WOULD HAVE HAD A GIVEAWAY...
If I could just think of something to, well.. give away.

There was no one product that seemed to define this space.

Is it a craft blog, a sewing blog, a mama's musing blog, a snarky parenting blog, a LDS mormon mummy blog?

I have no idea what it is people. Therefore I have no idea what to giveaway.

A big mess of everything that comprimises my life is what this blog is.

So thank you to all that come here to hear my ramblings.

You truly do make my day. And make it all worthwhile.

Especially like on Sunday when a reader visiting from Sydney gave me the greatest compliment I've heard in a while. *waves* Thanks Caroline!

So to all of you who may have read all 1000 posts...

Consider yourself *hugged* and *patted on the back*  - my gift to you.

Along with my words.


Montserrat said...

Congrats on reaching such a HUGE milestone!

Barbara's Brainwaves said...

Well, I think your solution is perfect. It speaks for itself!

Maioha said...

This post made me laugh :-) I've run out of stuff to say on my blog, which is why there are only house photos right now. Booorrring!!!

Ursula James said...

I love your gift Bobby.. It is perfect!!! You are AMAZING and AWESOME.. You gift us all every time you post... Your idea's are INSPIRATIONAL and Motivational.. Thank you for all that you do in just being you!!! xxxooo

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