Friday, August 19, 2011

Email Month

The ball - we both attended with dates, yet ended up embracing at the end of the night ;)

A disclaimer before I start these. These emails were completely ridiculous and meant to be silly. We were trying to oneup eachother. We didn't even know we were interested in eachother and our 7 year age gap made us purely acquaintances through friends :) now you can all see what a silly flirt I was.
Date: Thursday 10 September 1998

Hey Darling....
Hope you have a fantastic day at work....
I have a speech to do at uni..... arrrgggg..... I'm scared. Oh what do I have to be scared of? I can talk under water!
Well I'll be thinking of you all day....

Hey... when am I moving in? I have my bed ready.
Ystyn said he thinks it is a good idea... I could really brighten up your dull household!!

Well love and mush

This girl loves to Talk

Date: Thursday 10 September 1998
Subject: RE:

Hey babe

I will have a fantastic day at work, especially when I get emails from sexy women.

Little does Ystyn know that once you move in he and Peter and Phillip would all have to go ;)

You 'n' me babe, all the way

Virtually Yours

The Mr

Ha! I am totally pyschic! I actually DID end up moving into their house 5 months later! (Married to The Mr of course) And the MR was wrong, because the boys didnt move out... I just moved in to their 5 bedroom house!  (yes a very funny arrangement I know, but we were all poor uni students and the house was in a good central area and it helped us afford to live etc and they guys were awesome)
Date: Monday 14 September 1998
Subject: Only You

"I cant get enough of your love baby!"

email #1


The Mr

Date: Tuesday 15 September 1998
Subject: Email 2

"sometimes when we touch, the honesty's too much (blah blah blah), the fear in me subsides"

Virtually yours

The MR

Date: Wednesday 16 September 1998
Subject: Email 3

"Shake your groove thing baby!"

"I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want"


The Mr

Date: Thursday 17 September 1998
Subject: Only You

When God created Adam and Eve he was thinking of you. He knew that although they were created immortal, then became mortal, our forefathers were working to create you. All of history was designed and crafted to create you - the whole world exists for you... that means I'm virtually yours.

The Mr

Sent: Friday 18 September 1998
Subject: How goes it..this is number 5

So this week I have confessed my undying virtual love for my dear and yet she still rejects me. Oh well there are plenty of other fish in the sea.... Except they are all whales...

You have a good week? Mine sucked except I went and saw Mulan at the movies (on a date!)

Have you been asked to the Ball?

virtually yours

The Mr

Sent: Friday 18 September 1998
Subject: RE: How goes it..this is number 5

Hey babe

When did I reject you?
You know I love you!
So you went on a date.... Have you been cheating on me!!... sob sob sob.. tears are welling up in my eyes and its all your fault!

I saw Mulan on Tuesday night with William. It was good hey?

Yes I am going to the ball.... so I will see you there in all your refinery... watch out for me... the hot babe in the dark purple dress... I'll be waiting in line just to have a dance with the Infamous Mr... I think I will have to fight off the other girls.... but I am tough... I can do it!!!!

So till tonight... mmmwah!

This girl loves to Talk.

and yet we still weren't dating or talking.....
only a few more weeks of these crazy emails before it all fell into place ;)

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Gabrielle - Design Mom said...

I love that you kept all the emails. That's such a sweet and romantic record. I'll bet your kids LOVE that.

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