Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Folder Renamed

It needs to be done.

When I was pregnant with Miss N, I had some digital ultrasound photos I put into a folder on the computer named "BABY". Then later I had some gorgeous pregnancy shots taken which I added to said folder.

Then the baby came along and newborn shots were put in the baby folder.

Then more and more photos.

Every time I add photo's I say to myself - I must really rename that folder.
(everyone else has a folder bearing their name, she deserves one too!)

On her first birthday I said I will definately rename that folder. She is no longer a BABY!

But I didn't and I still haven't.

Today while sitting here preparing one of these, for her upcoming birthday I thought

OKAY Babyhood is well and truly over.

You can do it.

And hours later I still havent.

Bye Bye little baby. I can do it.

But the problem is you're still my little baby.

I've got a few more days.

I can do it.

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