Monday, August 8, 2011


Idea here. Might be a new birthday tradition?


Miss Tata had a wonderful birthday.

She had mini marshmallows for breakfast (her favourite)

She received more train track for our set and a doll (both of which she loved)

The four  missionaries serenaded her with "Happy Birthday" song

Her sisters all wore their hair in pigtails just like her (they came up with the idea??)

She did not have a nap (little girl has stopped napping most days now :S)

There was lots of sweets and cake at her birthday potluck family dinner

She ran around chasing her cousins all afternoon

Was tuckered out and in bed zonked by 6pm

Some details for you all.

My new favourite addictions

Strawberries with Dip. (the dip is just cream cheese and betty crocker icing whipped together)

Chocolate Pots - recipe from Rachael Ray (super easy and make minus the rum of course!)

Note: Use good quality chocolate and a little more than the recipe says. My first batch did not set and was like thick chocolate milk. Serve in mini shot glasses as this dessert is super rich!

Birthday Cake

Originally Miss G wanted this cake for her birthday.
So I made it for N instead! I think it would be fine to do it with nothing on top and just a ribbon around it. I put a ribbon around while the icing was setting to keep everything in place, and I think it looked good. Nice and simple. I was going to use plastic farm animals and the night before they could not be found. We ended up with horses from our extensive horse collection :)

Inspiration from the Womens Weekly Party Cakes Book.

Yet another balloon banner. With so many helpers in my house I can whip these things up pretty fast now! Next time I'm going to try just one or two colours for a matching theme. I think these might become a birthday tradition too. There is just something about them that make me smile!

And that is the end of the birthdays for the year for our nuclear family.

Birthdays are now over.

Hopefully this will give me plenty of time to start thinking about Christmas!

Or before I know it, The Mr's big 4-0 !!

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likeschocolate said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

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