Monday, October 3, 2011


I know my husband loves me because he puts up with my complaints

It's so dusty here
I really don't think we will all fit in this area
There are no toilets down here (it was a looong walk to the loo's)
We should move our campsite
I hope N doesn't fall off the small cliff into the creek (next to our camp)
and more Worries about this and that, that I can't remember now.

I must have complained about several things in the first few mins and he kindly said please don't say another negative thing. Lets just have a good time.

It's not that I don't want to go camping or that I dislike it (I actually like it very much) but my nerves always pick up on the things that I think are going to go wrong. And I just LOVE TO SHARE my thoughts.

It's hard work to take this bunch camping. Hours of packing (and the dreaded unpacking), alot of set up and a lot of physical work. Work work work. I could NEVER do it alone.

The packing, the tieing down the the trailer, the hours of driving, the lifting, putting up our HUGE tarp and poles. I saw The Mr help out three other groups put up their tarps and tents. He constantly collected and cut wood with an ax. Numerous people borrowed our ax, hammer, shovel that he packed to use. Up early Up late. Adjusting tarps for rain and digging trenches. The last to leave camp after helping yet another group tie up their trailer. Going on a three hour hike that he didn't have to be on but felt he should to accompany the young women, Vigourous labour just hours after vomiting.

Now I'm not writing this to tell everyone how awesome my husband is {I'm sure most peoples husbands are awesome} but it is more to tell myself. A sure knowledge for me that I know what a hard worker and honest man he is. One who cares about the wellbeing of so many that he wouldn't even leave camp until the very last group of girls were safely on their way home. One who worked without complaint for four days straight.

Camping makes me love my husband more. A sort of mating call if you will.

Put people in certain circumstance to make them shine. It also kinda makes me realise how not a hard worker I am and what a complainer I am. However, I look after whiney kids. I precooked the food. I pack the clothes, bedding, food. The girls and I put the tent up and put the camp kitchen together. I do realise we are a team and we need eachother. The reason he has more stamina and mental strength and a sure knowledge of doing many things 'just because it is the right thing to do'  is because that is what is needed for me. For ME! His strengths are gifts to me. I'm crying as I realise this. Like an offering divine, my weaknesses are paid for by this strengths. It is truly a gift to realise that I can be forever carried by someone else.

and camping makes me realise this.

We had a day and half of family camping then we were joined by about 100 other people for girls camp. Luckily we were only looking after 10 of those girls.

It turned our small family camp alot busier with people everywhere but it was great in a different way to our usual camps. The lack of quiet and family time was made up by chatter, giggling, older role models for my girls to follow around and play with. Girls platting hair, making wool headbands for my girls, sharing and snuggling in camp chairs, scary stories around the campfire, games of 44 home and ghost in the graveyard, smores, glowsticks, sparklers.

I was super impressed with the young women at girls camp. Our YW did everything they were asked without complaining. They were helpful and friendly. They looked out for eachother and didn't mind looking after and befriending our girls. What wonderful examples they were. There was not a single problem or fight the entire time. Seriously- PERFECTION!

Well this camp turned out great and not much more could have gone wrong!

While we set up fine, the day everyone else arrived it was raining. The Mr spend half the day  helping other people set up and wore wet clothes all day. That dust turned into mud and the girls were filthy and there was only one shower in this whole camp ground {I've become very good at bathing the girls with a pot of boiled water and a cloth!}I woke up with the worst headache ever { I dont think I should partake in marshmallows and hot chocolate but who can resist while camping!} Miss N got what I think was a tick on her head (but I pulled it off pretty early just squished it and blood popped out) Four members of our family had a vomiting bug. {thanks again to miss N who started it all} Then it spread to one of the young women {oh noes! I felt terrible!}It was very hot when the young women and The Mr went on their hike, then it rained during pack up time again.

But hey I don't dwell on the negative. Camp was awesome!

I may have fallen into bed exhausted by 7pm the day we returned home but it was worth it.

animal sightings: wallaby, cows, possums, goanna, red parrots, rainbow lorikeet, spiders

favourite things: hayrides in the back of the trailer, going down to the river, playing in the mud for hours, making homemade swings out of rope, fires, glowsticks and sparklers

want a camp cleanup technique?

Place your kids on top of the car with a mattress. Our stayed up there about 1-2 hours while we packed up our stuff and helped other people. genius.


me said...

sounds like fun, bobbie! glad you all survived. what's 44 home? ~ jody

Anonymous said...

I can't decide if that was a dream or a nightmare. Loved the pictorial essay up top.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie,
our family all went on young women's camp too! At least your kids are girls and blended in a bit. You know that it is the woman's/ mother's role to fret and worry and the father's to say, that's OK, go ahead and play with that stick/ jump off that rock/ put your finger down that unusual hole in the ground!
I'm glad you had a good time! camping is indeed fun and hard work

likeschocolate said...

Glad you had a good time despite all the negatives. Our ward campout is this weekend. Finally cool enough not to sweat up a storm. Thankfully, I have an infant so I get to go back home to my cozy bed. What is a goanna???

This Girl loves to Talk said...

A goanna is a huge lizard (about 1 metre long)

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