Friday, November 18, 2011

Add a decoration Advent Calendar

My true love gave to me an Advent Calendar for counting down.

I swear it's straight, not sure why this photo is so wonky..

So the previous mentioned advent calendar was a total spur of the moment, I can make this thing, even though it wasn't the plan for this year!

I had other advent plans for this year!

The last two years we've done activity based advents - as in an activity to do as a family each day - eg watch christmas movie, put up tree, deliver cookies, look at christmas lights etc

Sometimes though, we might forget to do it, or we are so busy - it's all a little too much.

So this year I wanted to go simple and without lollies -
(HA! to that since I now have a 12 day advent full of lollies)

I had decided on a wall hanging with little decorations to add each day.

I got this pattern from my mother in law and thought it would be perfect.

A pretty quilted Christmas Tree.

I am very happy with the finished product. Thanks to MIL for the fabric and thanks to friend Amanda for talking me through the instructions - I can sew but I can't read patterns ;)

However, if you can't quilt you could totally just cut out some felt in a tree shape for the same effect.

After finishing the quilt wall hanging I then sewed on some beads at intervals on the tree.
These will be used to hang the decorations from.

silver charms from spotlight

The only down side is my decorations are kinda small and the beads small too.
It is a tad fiddly for younger children.

Looks like this advent is for my older children only.

Bigger decorations/felt shapes would be better for small children.
Use velcro to stick decorations - if your tree is felt they would stick easily.
Or just attached safety pins to the decorations and pin one on each day to count down till christmas

and you have a lolly free advent!


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful with the little decorations.

Michelle said...

This looks a lot like what I have envisioned. Do you have a pattern to share?

Thanks so much for all your cute ideas.

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