Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Black Hole Week

Just cause he is funny

I'm in that hole again.

I mentioned last year here

I'm beginning to think holidays are a bad thing for me.

House is messier
Dinner is not as well prepared (or very last minute or take out or nothing)
I am tired and lethargic
I feel like everyday is Saturday (which explains all of the above)
I don't go to the shops and feel in my head that the shops are closed like its a public holiday everyday

It's funny how when the Mr is actually home and on holidays it seems harder to get out of the house when it should be easier with extra hands to help. We seem to spend less time together {not true but it seems it}  but when he we are busy we seem to make the small moments we are together count for more, discuss more and achieve more.

It's kinda like that saying 'If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it'

While I love holidays I really don't like this feeling at all. Its nice to slow down and all but it seems everything slows down to the point of it creating more pain. I know I should just embrace it. I promise I'm working on it. I just find it funny that the last two years I have noticed it.

I've notice the loss of routine!

The one thing we would all like to leave behind and now I'm missing it??? The problem is I just don't understand it. Maybe the body and mind protest and make sure I have a rest for the last week of the year.  I'm here, I have another helping hand, we don't have anything scheduled so WHY are we out of routine and not organised?

It's even worse when this week between the Christmas and the New year becomes a black hole, because I should be organising awesome things for our birthdays. Every  New Year and our birthdays I seem to be caught unawares {which is why we nearly always have to use our wedding anniversary as catch up for romantic escapes or fancy dinners out}

So rather than get angry at the mess, lack of nutrious meals, lack of organisation, lack of anything productive....  I shall just embrace it

I embrace you - black hole week.

I will allow a week to be stolen from my life with nothing to show for it.

There's always a another year to work on myself coming up.

The new year is sure to sneak up on me anytime soon.

Make that 3 days  too soon

wherein I will be so busy that I will be wishing for black hole week

only 360 more days to wait till it comes back around again!

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