Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Tree, The Tree is UP!

I got my WISH!

There has been a week long cold snap here in super hot Australia.
Cool breezy weather that's had us scrambling to find blankets again!

This made it perfect weather for lighting candles, sitting and reading and for putting up our tree!

I even made warm spiced Apple Cider to sip!
(it is usually way too hot to even contemplate such a thing!)

My christmas spirit has been in full force!

Yesterday evening I painted my nails red (instant lift!) chose what the kids were gonna wear (yay! a year where not a single person was decorating the tree in their underwear!) and set up to make our yearly Christmas Card Movie (I'm excited it's looking awesome! - speaking of - remember last years Movie? Well shredded paper jumped out of the tree box when we unpacked our tree! Its everywhere again!  I swear that stuff is haunting me!!)

We put our tree up on the first Monday in December. It seemed a long way away, but it does arrive quickly and I was wondering if I was ready. Knowing what day it would be greatly helped the girls. They didn't hound me at all the last month. I could just hear contstant whispers of 'The tree goes up in a week" or in ___ days the tree will be up! Can't wait till Monday 5th..'

Now for school to hurry up and finish so we can sit and relax by our tree.

I love evenings by Tree Lights!!

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family picture.

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