Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yule Log

One Christmas craft I want to do each year but never do is make a Yule Log.

I also love all the blog posts where people are out in the woods collecting evergreeens and berries and making wreaths and swags and living decorations around the house.

It may be summer and it may be the Southern hemisphere but I decided we would do it too.

We set off on a walk with a bag and some scissors.

Even though we live in kinda inner city, it's a very established area and has more trees, bushes, gumnuts and bits and bobs than many housing estates do.  We have lovely neighbours who don't mind us trimming their plants. Walks further afield we only trim from very overgrown trees and shrubs that hang over to the footpath. We collected a big bag in no time.

We bought it home and laid it out on the table and began to tie our clippings together.

We secured it with string.

And voila you have some festive real decorations.

Mine are still fine four days later.  However in this heat I don't expect them to live long.

A nice walk each week collecting clippings should keep us covered.

A lovely Christmas tradition that I hope may continue.

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