Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sci Fi what...


I need ideas for what to dress up as at my husbands Sci Fi themed birthday party.  On the invite he listed some of his favourites - Star Trek, Stargate, Star Wars and Dr Who for inspiration.

Originally I wanted to be seven of nine

Hot right? lol (though I would definately need to invest in a heavily padded bra :) but this idea has proven more difficult. I found almost no places that sell or hire this outfit  (perhaps it's a little intimidating and unforgiving costume??)

So now that that idea is nixed... what to do? I've only got a few days left.

Some other ideas for homemade costumes I've had - and as a non sci fi speaking person before I was married I do believe I have come a long way...

:: Dress up as Riker and give me a fake beard??
(you know if The Mr is Picard well then I wanna be Number 1 right hand man right?)

:: Dress up as the enterprise (ship, captain ;)

:: Beverly Crusher ... Dr??? (with that simmering underlying love for the captain ;)

:: Wear black and stick stars all over me

::  The Stargate  ( I'm leaning towards this one so don't steal my idea!)

:: Just don a typical star trek uniform or make a cardboard starfleet badge

:: One of Dr Who's many companions?

:: Chewbacca

:: Princess Leia

:: Robot

:: Alien

:: The Tardis

I just can't choose, and can't see how I'm meant to fashion a good looking outfit from the things found in the house

I've got 4 days.. what to do??

But I will have a cool - How to make your own Tardis decoration in the coming days..
I know everyone wants their own!

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