Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Birthday Weekend


I wanna go back to where there was utter silence, massages, spa baths, sleep ins, stunning views and all meals where prepared for me

The epic double birthdays have been. Also written about in previous years as "THE Birthday"

I was spoilt because I turned our birthdays into a four day fest!

Friday Night = Girls night party

Saturday = head to Clear Mountain lodge and have couples massage, Dinner on the mountain and spa

Sunday= Sleep in lots, go to late church head back home and have roast dinner and cake for daddy's birthday

Monday= Me and the girls go swimming, sizzlers and a long sleep and Thai takeway for my birthday dinner.

The Mr was pretending to be indignant when I said the cake might not be ready for his birthday
(we were late home) and I said

"Don't worry... we're TWINSIES....
if not cake today, then tomorrow.
If cake today.. leftovers for tomorrow"

Being overshadowed by someone else on your birthday does have limitations but in someways it makes me love The Mr more. I'm thinking about me, I'm thinking about him, I'm thinking about us.

That is the gift that our birthdays give. I find it really strange that a generic birthday celebration can really strengthen my love for him, my ideals for a happy marriage, my belief in being gifted a soul mate, my having to share the date with him, a few days where the focus is US, not individually but together.

As I sat in a hotel room, surrounded by soft morning light, covering our heads in crisp white sheets playing peekaboo

whispering Happy 40th Birthday darling

it was like I was a part of him, and he me, and I was announcing.

our chance at life. at growing. at ageing.

Here is to another year.

xx love you birthday twinsie.

*** we stayed here if anyone is interested. I would say it would have the best views of any hotel in Brisbane. Views of the dam by day, and  the lights of  the entire of Brisbane by night. Our massages at Stephanies were amazing. The hotel was extremely quiet (maybe we just stayed at a quiet time?) but it was so quiet it was almost eerie, yet very relaxing for those of us escaping noisy kids. There were a few things I thought could have been better (when I paid to upgrade to a spa room, I didn't think it would just be a spa in the bathroom 10cms from the toilet :/) and I felt the dishes we ate at Mandy's on the Mountain could have been improved.

Thanks be to the people who gifted us money for our birthdays so we could enjoy the weekend. Whilst we may have had NO physical presents to unwrap on our birthdays, this was a very lovely, much needed gift.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderfully relaxing.

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