Friday, January 6, 2012


Resolutions! I liked this article over at Apartment therapy about giving yourself the month of January off. Rest, Recouperate, Regroup. Then start any projects you have in mind. Now that's my kind of resolution - cause lets face it, most people fail by the end of January anyways :)

I don't really make resolutions. The last two years I've done the the word thing. Choose a word for the year and then you will have several goals/desires that could come from having more of *that* in your life.

Well I did OKAY at my goal of simplicity last year. Could have been better, but I'll take it as a success.

However this year I have decided to nix that and have decided to focus on my bad habits/failings.


I've actually known about a few of these for a while now, and have tried *a little* but I think a stronger focus would be good.

I talk too much and I talk over people.

Yeah I'm one of THOSE annoying people. I truly don't try to be like this.  However, if a discussion is something I know a lot about{and I know about everything :} or am passionate about, I.just.can'! Seriously. I have even made goals of 'I'm going to a party/friends house/social function.... I am just going to LISTEN to other people and try really hard not to talk.' and then when I am heading home I hang my head in shame and say I FAILED.


It's funny when my husband has to often ask me ' so how do you think you went in conversations tonight?'  How SAD!

I can't tell you when I read (and saw in the movie) Eat Pray Love about her wearing the sign that says "I am in Silence" - OH HOW I NEED one of those!! It spoke to me on sooo many levels.

I feel kinda sad that people might think 'OH she is so annoying and never SHUTS UP. Never get a word in edgewise. That is not what I want people to think of me. I have several women whom I admire. They are always smart, soft spoken, sweet, loving, helpful people. I cringe when I think I am so far from what I admire.

I don't look people in the eye when I/they talk.

I know. Annoying. I really don't know when I started to do this or not do this I should say. I don't remember having this problem as a teen or early 20's. The problem has definately gotten worse over the years. Looking people directly in the eye while talking to them makes me super nervous. I don't even like to look into my husbands eyes for extended period of time! Freaks me out.

However when you don't do this people think you don't like them or aren't interested in what they are saying. I have been really thinking about this habit ever since this conference talk. It was one of those times where I thought THIS TALK WAS MEANT FOR ME! (yikes) An apostle that had trouble looking people directly in the eye... well now I know there is hope for me!

If I realise I'm doing it, I have been trying harder to look into peoples eyes, but I'm still pretty fail.

I'm a scatter brain

Yep my attention span is pretty low. I get bored and move on. Cleaning for me is doing half of something and wandering away cause I need a break from it and start on something else. Usually it all works out fine but I think perhaps I could learn to be a little more focused. I remember in High school and Uni I seriously did my work in like 10-20 minute increments with activities or timeout inbetween. I found it worked well though and I usually got good marks. However now I see that perhaps my haphazard ways of doing things is perhaps  not the best or time smart. I seem to spend ALOT of time wandering around from one thing to another.

Well I'm sure I have plenty more faults but I think these will take enough work.

So now you all know what I'm working on.. well its not like these habits are secret... those who know me surely already know *rolls eyes*..

But now you can call me out on it...

'you can stop talking and listen to ME now Bobbie.. remember its your goal?'

Heres to a new year of silence.

after tonight, cause I'm having a birthday party ;)


Anonymous said...

To me you just sound like an effervescent bubbly kind of gal...the kind I like to hang with cause they take the weight of conversation off me. I'm all for that.

Dustin said...

Bobbie- I think you're wonderful. You don't need resolutions! You're great the way you are. Miss you!

Little Japan Mama said...

I think you were discribing ME! Except that I don't see those things as so much of a problem...maybe I should! haha... I don't mean to discourage your resoluteness, but actually I don't think you talk too much at all. I always enjoy your talking. I never noticed the not-looking-people-in-the-eye thing, don't worry. Scatter-brain? I think of that as a way of being "flexible". Although I do need to address that issue myself. Much more than you do. I have only one child and I'm feeling flat out, and you have more children and seem to be coping just fine, so...thanks for the tip, actually I do have something similar on my resolution list!

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