Friday, April 20, 2012

Video killed the Radio star...

Her cuteness is killing me. 2 and half year olds are just too precious!

I'm turning into one of those parents.

The ones who make countless videos of their children. Endless family movies!

I've never really been into videoing my kids ( Christmas Movies aside ;)

I've always felt they were kinda pointless as I rarely/ if ever would watch them. I'm more happier looking at photos. Plus home videos make me cringe. I hate it when someone puts a camera to your face and says 'say something..' which is followed by a lot of um's and a wave and a 'hello' ... LOL pointless!

I might even have pyschological isssues because one of the few video's of me as a kid is me singing Kokomo by The Beach boys. Badly. Very Badly (I have mentioned here before that I cannot sing at.all. )  Obviously I couldn't sing as a child either..  *shudder*

So I've never really been big on subjecting my kids to the same
(Christmas movie is hard enough to pull off!)

This leads me to this week where I have videod my 2 year old .....

singing a crazy version of round and round the garden like a teddy bear, pretending to be a baby with lots of wah wah wah's,  running commentary about cars on our walk home from school drop off, chatting on a toy telephone telling strawberry shortcake that there just ISNT any more room!, her commentary on her favourite book, a big "I Love You and smooch session with lots and lots of slobery kisses all over me..... I just can't stop!

and I'm getting annoyed when she is doing something supercute with cute talking and she STOPS the minute I start taping! I have lots of video's with me prompting her to say what she was just saying seconds before! or short 20 second snaps of nothing..... wherein I turn it off with a pffffft! Yes a crazy video orientate parent! Someone stop me!

Maybe I am really feeling the loss of toddlerhood. (when you're pretty sure its your last child so many issues come up!) That squeaky breathy baby talk will be gone soon! OH NO! I love misprounciations! I love baby lisps and crazy talk! Gone! All gone and since I can barely remember what my older children were like as little ones it makes me sad ... and desperate!

I love it when she calls softdrink FRONK FRINK my new favourite word of hers. Makes me giggle every time. (more often on Monday nights as that is the only night they have fronk frink) I loved it when she was being super adorable in a lift the other day and the other ladies in there just sighed with happiness and cooed over how cute my daughter is!

She always been shy of strangers and not a big talker so this cutesy talking phase is doing my heart in!

In keeping with parental mistakes - I'm joining in. First child has most photos. Last child has most videos and perhaps photos too and newest clothes (handme downs rarely make it four jumps) . Middle children miss out on everything. Gotta keep up with the normal so my children have something to complain about. "I'm the youngest and spoilt..." "Im the middle child and got nothing.." "I'm the eldest and I'm not bossy at all ;)"

I'll be out there with my phone videoing all the mundane things. The songs, the picking flowers, the endless chatter about nothing.

So my kids can cringe when they are older.

Maybe I'll even get someone to sing a better version of Kokomo.

*don't feel bad for my other kids.. I've got several videos of them as little kids. Self Videos. Love kids filming talking to themselves and doing house tours with your phone. Plus its not really true about the photos thing. We didn't have a digital camera till our 3 kid. SHE has the most photos. So I don't wanna hear ANYTHING about the middle child missing out!

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SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said...

Michael has just got a hold of a whole of home movies he did of his kids - even going as far as making dvds for 18th etc....there is A LOT!

My kids love watching them - I am just a little jealous, I feel bad/sad that I don't have any video and hardly any photos of my kinds when they were younger (I left them all behind) - I keep reminding him that he needs to do the same for us since he has a camera.

I think its kinda my responsibility but I keep forgetting to get the camera out!

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