Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Lower Lights

Remember this post?  Let it shine {yes go read it now..}

Back now?

Well I was so excited when The Lower Lights contacted me a few weeks back.

They were googling researching blogs to find anyone who had blogged about them or mentioned them.

They came across the above piece I wrote.

They were happy and offered to send me their NEW ALBUM  - Out just last week!

'The Lower Lights - A Hymn Revival Volume 2'

Oh my I was so excited!

I've been playing the music and its making me think olden days, revivalist, folky thoughts.

Oh my I wanna have a hoe down!!

It's also making me sad that I can't play any instruments.

I wanna pick up a banjo, or a violin or something.

and have a jam with family and friends.

Well I can always do the knee clapping. There's plenty of that in this album.

Happy Clappy Christian Music.



Go here to listen and if you download you get 6 bonus tracks!

1 comment:

Montserrat said...

Isn't the album fantastic? I ♥♥LOVE♥♥ Go Down Moses! Brought back such wonderful memories of singing it in the jr. high locker room with all the African American girls. They would bust into song and start harmonizing and I'd join right in.

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