Friday, September 7, 2012

Favourites :: Beach in Winter

I love the beach in winter.

Granted lucky I live in a place with a great climate, but the beach is just so lovely to me in Winter.

We've been at least once each month of winter, sometimes more than once.
We currently gearing up for an early spring beach holiday!

It's just so much nicer in my opinion

No need for suncream, no burning feet on sand requiring me to carry children, we can stay longer than one hour (we burn to a crisp longer than that), I can sit fully clothed watching the children - play, wade, swim (the brave crazy two), less people, I can laze in the sand reading a book, sifting sand between my fingers, the list goes on...

yes best to get in all our visits in as I'm terrible at going to the beach in actual summer.

Farwell my winter beach... I love you.

Summer Beach is on it's way!


BindiM said...

I wish we had a winter beach to go to. Looks lovely.

likeschocolate said...

Makes me slightly jealous! We live between 4 and 5 hours from the beach. I wish we lived closer.

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