Thursday, October 11, 2012

around my neck

I've wanted one of those necklaces with your childrens names engraved on them for years


Last year I even sent The Mr an email showing several he could choose from and order and his christmas shopping would be done! but he didnt particularly like them and instead of getting out of christmas easy... he made it hard for himself

 I was back trawling the internet again these last few weeks after several things preventing such as:

 many not allowing over 24 letters (and I have too many kids with long names :)
 I'm not actually a necklace person (even though I love necklaces on others)
Scared of kids breaking it (I have lost a few necklaces through babies pulling)
I'm not an online shopper and only got a credit card this year and don't like to use it
(rectified this month by several of my first purchases! watch out! yikes!!!)


 then I came across this lady in NSW  selling them and offering a facebook deal of $15

So I had to get it of course!!

fits price, room for long names, and it'll be ok if I don't wear it always.

Only problem is I've worn it, and I was going to keep it for a christmas present

(anyone else buy stuff and wrap it for christmas for themselves??)

Oh well. More reasons to shop for something else for Christmas

anyone else love their personalized jewellery? I'm still getting used to it.

any favourite recommendations?

1 comment:

BindiM said...

That is one of the nicest ones I have seen. You have great taste!

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