Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ball {old government house}

My dress was purple, my hair curled up do, - cant tell from these photos,
 a fun typo on the sign making the ball seem more important than it was.

Last friday I got to go to a ball in old government house

such atmosphere!!

We were tired and The Mr stuck late at work meaning no dinner out beforehand and the dance floor only got pumping as we were getting ready to leave....

but it was so lovely.

It's amazing how you can just feel old buildings

Carved stone and old furnishings and we took a trip down to the cellar and just seeing the dirt between the thick walls and windows - theres a pulse to old buildings, you can feel those who have been before.

We only go out a couple times a year without kids so regardless any night without kids is always refreshing. I was asking around who was going and some people said it wasn't their thing. I joked 'any...thing' that involves alone time with the Mr, Food, No kids ... is a winner in my books no matter how terrible the event is... yeah I have low standards these days :)

Blessings courtesy of a lovely sister in law who takes children for sleepovers!!.... Even when The Mr rang and said he was stuck at work and I was now eating some dry leftovers..

I wasn't disappointed...

I was in a quiet house, sat still for a moment to watch my tv shows, to put my make up on as slow as I want, to walk around the home unhindered with nary a whine or complaint or want of my body....

It was going to be a good night

A sleep in, a breakfast at a cafe for my hazy muddled morning head, back to collect the kids and my date night was over.

All the kids rushing us with big smiles to be scooped up reminds us that date night is good for everyone. Oh how they miss us so. But not so much they didn't have an awesome time with cousins.

I hope they hold the ball there again. I want to dress up, dance more, hold The Mr closer and tighter, feel the presence of those gone before and hopefully not be as tired, and get a professional photo :)

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