Monday, October 1, 2012

Just keep skating... just keep skating...

Where have I been? Its holidays! 

Pyjama days, cinema visits, sleepovers at grandma's, beach and Iceskating!

I love it when things get better.

Remember  this post ?

Well we've been iceskating a few more times since then and every time it's getting better and more fun. I barely had to help anyone out this last time. The kids love iceskating and it's become a holiday tradition along with going to the movies. It is a must! Probably because they live in a hot climate and have never seen snow but it holds so much appeal to them.

I was super impressed with my ability to skate and film footage without dropping the phone.

I've got skillz I tell ya!

I've also made my first attempt at editing lots of short video's together to make one movie of our iceskating. Editing is long hard boring work. Cutting down the clips, choosing which ones to use, watching it over and over and over again! A few hours to make a short piece. But I'm sure I'll get better and faster at it and The Mr will be glad that I've finally learnt and will perhaps not annoy him to make our Christmas movie this year!

enjoy our awesome moves :) Its compressed so sorry about the quality :(
Its important to get a self portrait on the jumbotron

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Anonymous said...

Great job..cute kids...fabulous skating.

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