Monday, November 19, 2012

Bunting {A Christmas Tip}

With like 5 weeks left till Christmas I'm starting on my Christmas posts.
Previously under the 12 Days of Christmas this year I'm calling them Christmas Tips

Christmas tips could be anything - craft, presents, decorating, food etc but I'm putting them all under one topic for ease and if there are more or less than 12 this year!

On Friday night I taught a Christmas Bunting Class at a Midnight Madness activity and thought I would share it here. With the left over scraps of material I made some mini bunting (about 8cm high)

I used a rotary cutter and mat to cut triangles but scissors would work fine.
 I made a template from a piece of cardboard to cut around.
I personally prefer isosceles shaped triangles to equilateral.

*note you will get double the amount of triangles from a fabric such as spots, stripes etc - material where the pattern doesn't matter if it is upside down. On fabric with a pattern that must face right way up you will get half the amount of triangles (otherwise the reindeer etc are upside down) so if you are making lots beware you will need more of a fabric in those patterns.

Place TWO triangles together right sides out.
Sew a V down the two long sides of each {pair} triangle. Repeat for every triangle pair.
Trim if necessary.
For large triangles around 14 pairs {so 28} are needed per a 3m packet of bias binding.
For the mini triangles 21 pairs {so 42} per 3m packet of bias binding.

Sew some bias binding closed for about 15-20 cms. Then  place a triangle in between the bias binding. Slowly sew the short side, unsewn end of the triangle inside the bias binding. Leave a finger width or two gap and add another triangle. Continue till end of your bias binding.

Hang and enjoy.
I have one hanging on my fireplace mantle. Decorate the top of a dresser/bookshelf.
Along a window or even on the Christmas tree. Above a child's Bed.

A member of the class ordered 5 kits to give as teacher gifts. I've been able to cut enough tiny triangles that I have enough leftover that I think I might copy that idea. I'll add something else but with four teachers to buy for (one of my children has two part time teachers) I'm happy to have that ticked off my list of things to do.

Red and White Mini Bunting.

So festive I think anyone would love it.

and have your heart melt when your 6 year old makes her own out of the scraps of the scraps.

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