Tuesday, November 6, 2012

First of the Season {Mango}

We're late! Like a month late! Usually we've eaten our first mangoes before now!

This year is just flashing by to me. I swear it was September a few days ago!

On the weekend I finally bought home our first mangoes.

My kids love mangoes so we were easily able to bribe housework in return for first mangoes {win!}

It's become a funny little tradition
{photographing my kids eating our first mangoes of the season}
I have no idea why but we've been doing this for 5 years now!

So please indulge me

and if you would like to see how much they've all grown.





and I can't wait till I can buy tray fulls at reasonable prices. The girls will be in heaven.


Anonymous said...

They look like they're really enjoying it.

Heather said...

Fresh mango's! You're killing me. I live in Idaho and we just got 6 inches of snow today! You have a sweet blog. I get some great party ideas :)

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