Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Photo Family Reunion

Had a bit of a family reunion

Grandparents wedding anniversary, extended family birthdays and more birthdays.

Celebrate it all at once.

It was rainy

The girls had new cute hairclips {ebay christmas present, found by kids}

A good excuse to take some photos

We're all a bit messy in this family. Messy Genes I call it.  {Proven Here}
So when we look even remotely cute its an excuse to take LOTS of photos.
You never know when we may look passable again.

Whenever The Mr is stuck seated next to me I try to take lots of selfies.

But he just won't play along.
It's the day before our 14th engagement anniversary. I want a nice photo with you!?!?!
It's not that much to ask surely.

Goes along with my other problem.

Whenever my girls visit either of their great grandmothers I always desperately try to get a photo of them all together. Never works. Never comes out cute. Always someone crying or refusing the photo{yes grandmas included!} It makes me sad as I know my grandmothers won't be around forever.
But we keep trying right? That's all we can do.

And lastly a reason for perhaps why we are messy.
A rainy day, cute clothes, you gotta jump in puddles right. I can't resist allowing them.
and exactly 40 mins after arriving they looked like drowned dirty rats. But you don't need to see that.

Sadly I had multiple places to be and felt I left the party just as I was warming up.
I shall have to organize another family reunion.
I was just beginning to enjoy myself.

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