Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sewn Brown Paper Advent

This idea was all over pinterest. So Pretty!!

I wanted to make it soo bad. I find sewing paper relaxing and fun!

When I finally tracked down some brown paper and got to making though...

 I ended up with flags instead.

This advent calendar is to have things sewn within the flags {or stars like above idea}

Now originally I was going to put our miniture nativity people inside...

But I um did the thing you should NEVER do...

I cut without measuring!


Inside my advent are Christmas Jokes and Tiny silver ornaments
{called Christmas charms from spotlight in the button section}
As the ornaments are from previous years this advent cost me about $4

My girls love jokes so I think it will be a fun advent calendar

Alternatively you could put scriptures inside, small lollies, activities to do.

I love the activities advents with things like:

{paint nails glittery, popcorn strings, watch christmas movies, make wrapping paper, put up the tree, make paper snowflakes, write cards, dance to christmas music, sleep under the tree, go carolling}

How to make a Sewn Paper Advent calendar

Make a template from a piece of paper folded in half. The fold is the top of the flag.

Open up and trace onto card.

You now have a flag template. Use this to cut flags out of brown paper.

Fold your long brown papers in half and you have a double sided flag.

Using number stamps, stamp on numbers 1-25.
I used white paint painted onto the stamp as I did not have a white ink pad.
Alternatively use a white gel pen to just write numbers on.

Keep stamping!!

Place a piece of string or ribbon under the fold of the first flag. Fold flag over ribbon. This is what the flags will 'hang' on. Sew around the three other sides.

zig zag stitch around the flag capturing the string at the top

On the last edge make sure you put something inside the flag
{I was having so much fun sewing I did sew two flags shut without anything inside them!}

Move on to the next flag leaving a small gap between each one.

Continue on till all 25 flags are attached.

{I will say it will get a little tricky the longer your string gets.}

At first I thought it looked a little plain and not as pretty as I hoped so I glued some paper doilies onto the flags in random spots. Embellish as you like. The kids could even stamp all over the flags.

Each day rip or cut into the sewn paper to reveal the mini ornament or joke
{or whatever you put inside}

Here is a list of corny Christmas jokes I found if anyone wants to do the same:

What did Adam say on Christmas night?
"It's Christmas, Eve".
What did Santa say to Mrs. Claus on Christmas Eve?
Looks like rain, dear.
What nationality is Santa Claus?
North Polish.

What do elves learn in school?
The Elf-abet!

What do you call a cat on the beach at Christmastime?
Sandy Claus!

What do snowmen eat for breakfast?

What do you call Santa with
no money?
St. Nickel-less

What do you get if you cross mistletoe and a duck?
A Christmas Quacker.

What do call Santa when he stops moving?
Santa Pause!

Where does a snowman keep his money?
In a snow bank.

Knock knock
*Who's there?
*Mary who?
-Merry Christmas

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Chris who?

What goes OH OH OH?
santa walking backwards

What goes red white red white red white?
Santa rolling down a hill

 What is Father Christmas wife called?
Mary Christmas

Where does Santa learn to slide down chimney’s?
A Chimnasium

What do you call Santa’s Dog
Santa Paws

 What falls at the north pole but never gets hurt

 Whats a childs favourite king at Christmas
A stocking

What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations

I always enjoy the countdown to Christmas more than the actual day.....

Nothing like an advent calendar.

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