Sunday, March 24, 2013

FHE Lesson {Passover}

Opening Song: Follow the Prophet #110 {verse 5}

Opening Prayer:


Passover this year starts Monday 25 March. Perfect timing for a Passover meal and lesson.
Easter and Passover don't always happen at the same time.

I'm not Jewish or celebrate Passover in the proper manner but its always a fun lesson for kids so I have borrowed from the idea over the years.

For an easy Passover Seder:

Hard Boiled Egg:
Symbol of Life

Lamb and Lamb Bone:
Reminders of the Temple Sacrifice and the first Passover Lamb
The roasted shank bone of a lamb reminds us of the tenth plague in Egypt, when all firstborn Egyptians were killed. The Israelites marked the doorposts of their homes with the blood of a lamb as a signal that death should pass over them

Bitter herbs (horseradish):
The hard bitter life they had to lead

Dipped into salt water reminds us of the tears the Jews cried in Egypt.
Greens are symbol of coming spring which brings hope

Represents the mortar the slaves in Egypt had to use to build the cities of Pharoah
{Charoset can be made by mixing grated apple, honey, chopped nuts and cinnamon}

Flat Bread:
The unleavened bread is a reminder of the haste with which the Jews left Egypt

Grape Juice:
Thanks to God for his blessings and creations.

Old Testament Cartoon Video  {3 mins}

Moses Parting Red Sea
Last Supper - Gospel Art Picture Kit

You can also make the connection that Jesus celebrated Passover the week before he died

Closing Song: Choose the Right Way #160

Closing Prayer:

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Courtney said...

Hi! Thanks for the ideas! I just wanted to let you know that the cartoon video link didn't work. Also, do you think you could do some ideas on teaching an FHE on the sacrament--what it is, why we do it, we we're reverent for it etc.?

This Girl loves to Talk said...

fixed! thanks courtney

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