Sunday, April 7, 2013

FHE Lesson {Prayer}

Family Home Evening

Principle: Prayer

Opening Song: Search, Ponder and Pray #109

Opening Prayer:

Music Time:
We use the Sing a long App and played/sung  these songs from the Childrens Songbook

A Prayer Song #22
We Bow our Heads #25
Reverently Quietly #26
Family Prayer #189

Hymns: #140  ‘Did you think to Pray?’

Can you guess from these songs what we will be talking about in FHE tonight?

Scripture Hero:
To get our younger daughter involved in FHE we put up a gospel art picture kit picture and get her to talk about it, tell us what is in the picture, what it is about. It doesn't usually match the lesson but this time we chose Enos Praying 
Who is this? What is he doing?
{you can talk about how Enos prayed all day and night}

 What is prayer?

 What are some of the prayers that we do? {family, food, personal, church, FHE etc}

Sermon on the Mount - The Lords Prayer

What did Jesus teach us about prayer?
How should we behave during a prayer?
How often should we pray?

Blind fold Walk
Cover the eyes with a blind fold and have them walk to find an object (favourite toy or treat)
Do not tell them where they are to go.
They cannot get any help unless they ask.

Prayer is communication with the Lord, if we ask he will answer, but we must consider the questions carefully.


Closing Song: A child's Prayer #12



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